Amendment to Ontario Regulation 316/07 under the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006 to create Alfred Bog Provincial Park

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Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006
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September 22, 2022 - November 6, 2022 (45 days) Closed
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September 22, 2022
to November 6, 2022

Proposal summary

We are proposing to create a new non-operating provincial park east of Ottawa, regulated under the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006. Creating this park will provide greater protection to an ecologically important and sensitive area.

Proposal details

Ontario is committed to working with leaders in land and water conservation, like the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), to preserve areas of significant environmental and ecological importance across the province.

To support this commitment, we are proposing to create Alfred Bog Provincial Park, a natural environment class park. The approximately 3067-hectare area is 20 km southwest of Hawkesbury and 70 km east of Ottawa (see map in the Supporting materials section).

The Alfred Bog site is:

  • one of only three raised bogs in southern Ontario
  • the largest remaining bog community in southern Ontario, an area where 70 per cent of wetlands have been lost

The proposed provincial park includes a combination of lands privately owned by the Nature Conservancy of Canada and lands managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry under the Public Lands Act. The lands have been purchased over the past several decades to create Alfred Bog Provincial Park.

The protection of the Alfred Bog is possible because of the support of partners, such as the NCC and the local municipality.

Alfred Bog Provincial Park would be a non-operating park. This means that facilities and services within the park would be minimal or not provided. There are no fees associated with the use of non-operating parks.

With that said, we would ensure long-term protection of biodiversity in this important and sensitive wetland while continuing to provide recreational opportunities for the public, including walking on the Bog Walk Trail, hunting and birdwatching.

Ontario’s provincial parks are established and regulated under the Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves Act, 2006 (PPCRA).

These spaces:

  • protect sensitive and important places
  • allow visitors to learn about why these areas are important
  • allow visitors to participate in environmentally responsible recreation
  • allow for research to take place

Provincial parks are also assigned one of the following classifications:

  • wilderness
  • nature reserve
  • cultural heritage
  • natural environment
  • waterway
  • recreational

The park classification system provides a structured approach to how parks are designed, planned and managed. Different classes of parks contribute differently to the protected area system as identified in the PPCRA.

We are proposing that Alfred Bog Provincial Park be regulated as a natural environment class park. Natural environment class parks:

  • protect outstanding recreational landscapes and representative ecosystems
  • protect provincially significant elements of Ontario’s natural and cultural heritage
  • provide high quality recreational and educational experiences

We are seeking feedback on the creation of this new provincial park.

Proposed regulation change to protect the Alfred Bog

Establishment of this provincial park will require an amendment to Ontario Regulation 316/07 (Designation and Classification of Provincial Parks) under the PPCRA, which would add a new row to Table 1: Provincial Parks of Ontario that will:

  • list the provincial park’s name, classification and size
  • describe where it is found

The area meets the requirements to be considered for addition to Ontario’s protected area system and we want to regulate it as a provincial park.

Although current recreational uses are limited given the wetland habitat, most would be able to continue with some exceptions (e.g. all-terrain vehicle use). Changes could be made in the future if uses threaten the values of the provincial park. These changes would be considered through a management planning process which would include public consultation. Industrial and some commercial uses would be restricted in these areas.

Proposed regulation change to continue to allow hunting

Under the PPCRA, hunting is not permitted in a provincial park unless it is allowed by regulation made under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act, 1997 (FWCA).

Hunting is currently permitted in the areas proposed for regulation (following rules associated with the Wildlife Management Unit). The NCC is aware that hunting occurs on the private land portion. The proposal is to continue to allow sustainable hunting of game mammals, game birds and migratory game birds (but not furbearing mammals) in this area from the first day of the open season for that mammal or bird or September 15, whichever occurs later, to the last day of the open season.

Should the proposal to establish the provincial park proceed, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry intends to amend Ontario Regulation 663/98 (Area Descriptions) under the FWCA, concurrent with regulation changes to Ontario Regulation 316/07 (Designation and Classification of Provincial Parks) under the PPCRA to establish the park. No additional opportunity for comments will be provided.

Regulatory Impact Analysis

There are no costs to regulated stakeholders resulting from creation of the park and continuing to permit hunting within the park. There are benefits to the general public, including permanent protection of sensitive habitat and permitting environmentally sustainable recreation to continue. There are no anticipated environmental impacts from the proposal.

Given that there are no other ways to establish a new provincial park boundary, amending PPCRA O. Reg. 316/07 is the only option. Given that there are no other ways to permit hunting in a provincial park, amending FWCA O. Reg. 663/98 is the only option.

Other opportunities for public consultation

Direct notification of the project has been sent to Indigenous communities, stakeholders and adjacent landowners.

Supporting materials

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The comment period was from September 22, 2022
to November 6, 2022

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