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Section 3 – General Eligibility
• Some types of passenger vehicles (Wheeltrans buses and Ambulances) should be included in the program. These are not traditional passenger (transit) programs that would fall under other funding streams (e.g. those that impact modal split such as FCM funding) but have many opportunities to have fuel and technology enhancements to reduce GHG's.

Section 4
• Early adopters of alternative fuel vehicles and GHG reducing technologies should be eligible for the program. A lack funding sources has not stopped some fleet operations from doing the right thing to reduce GHG’s. Being eligible for past initiatives (e.g. within the last 3 or more years) would provide funding and budgets to allow for continued implementation of alternative fuel vehicles and GHG reduction technologies.
• Why are propane/gasoline vehicles not considered as part of the dual-fuel criteria. Propane has a lower tailpipe GHG emission factor when compared to CNG and is still offers a significant reduction potential over traditional diesel vehicles.
• Why is E85 fuel not considered as an option in the program. Many fleet vehicles that meet a class 3-8 criteria can use gasoline. E85 has a significantly lower GHG emission factor when compared to gasoline.
• Will there be a full list of all eligible technologies/devices that will be eligible under the program? What is the criteria used to determine a device’s eligibility under the program.

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