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The proposed regulation would:

Establish the transition rules for grandfathering existing renewable energy projects, as these projects may not comply with municipal planning documents and would require regulatory protection to continue
provide that, despite its repeal, section 62.0.2 of the Planning Act would continue to apply to specific renewable energy projects in specific circumstances.

I vehemently oppose the recommendation to simply grandfather existing renewable s and to protect these projects as they continue to be the cause of adverse health injuries and havoc across Ontario.

Grandfather; means forgiven. We need to address issues now, not grandfathered.

Please resolve, to the complainants satisfaction, the 4500+ complaints provincially.
Address and resolve the water well destruction to the affected well owners satisfaction.
Cancel the contracts that exist because they are mostly none compliant, and there are actually health concerns for many people.
CEASE TO OPERATE - The industry must prove the safety of the electrical generation, and the safety to the natural environment as well as to the safety of the residents of Ontario. The onus most be on them to proof this, not the government, and not the residents.( testing for infrasound, LF, stray voltage, radiation etc must be done by the government, not by the wind companies.)