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Suggest it is not in the public interest to rush through this legislation to repower existing wind farms without further review and approval of the municipalities in which they are sited. Upgrading the generation equipment will almost certainly increase the noise levels and environmental impacts. And observing the continuing surplus of power generated by these things and the impact on baseload generators, allowing these wind plants to close would be a much better strategy. From an economic perspective, additional investment in these plants will also increase the cost burden felt by the unwilling power consumers -- already crushed under the costs of the existing 'green' buildout.

And as a small aside, it would be prudent to invest some time and money in investigating the impacts of these plants on the environment and populations where they are erected. In other parts of the world it has been noticed that wind plants make the area warmer and drier and adversely affect health. Continuing to turn a blind eye to these issues only reinforces negative views of on who's behalf the government is working.