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So, proposing basically a cap-and-trade system? After all the fear mongering, falsehoods and rhetoric regarding carbon pricing? This proposal sounds like a watered down version of the previous government's plan.

While I'm super upset that there has been all this battling and wasted time/money, I'm glad that this government has come to its senses and realized that this is the way to go. I really hope that this program will live up to the standards of the old program -- especially in regards to the revenue generated. The old program gave the revenue back to Ontario residents in the form of rebates for carbon-offsetting behaviors such as EV purchases. The federal program is designed the same way - an even more direct tax credit. This is the time for this government to prove that it really is for the people" and ensure that this program gives back. If these profits go back to businesses, it will prove the worst in conservatism.

The other issue in my mind is the scope. The biggest carbon emitters are not big businesses, so why are they taking the brunt of this? This should applied universally to be as effective as possible and generate the most revenue possible for whatever programs are funded.

This proposal may have only been considered because of the looming court battle, but it's a really good thing whatever the reason. It really should be a massive scandal that this was even a fight to begin with. It is obvious that the most effective policy would have been to simply re-design the previous cap-and-trade plan. We really lost a good deal of time and energy on this. I just hope we can move forward in an effective manner.