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One big impediment to supplying new housing to Ontarians is that most cities have exclusionary zoning policies, designed to make it hard to build anything other than bigger single family homes. The government should look at ending these regulations, like Oregon recently did, so that there are not regulatory barriers to private citizens building new apartments, or replacing a large house with two smaller ones.

The province should also look at relaxing the building code to make it easier for people to build apartments that are compliant with it. For example, the Ontario fire code makes it hard to ad a second floor apartment because of the requirement for fire escapes, even though no such policy exists for single-unit houses even if all bedrooms are upstairs.

The province should also look at ending minimum parking requirements, which are regulations that force developers of all sizes to build more parking than is needed for occupants. This drives up costs particularly at the small scale. parking lots can cost upwards of $40k to build and we coild let developers decide how many are necessary in order to sell their units.

Look at implementing dynamic zoning codes
to make sure that it's always possible to add new houses but never too easy to build developments that are too big for the local community to accommodate all at once.

Reinstate rent control. Ontario has a good rent control system which recognizes that people don't just make housing decisions for one year at a time, and sets out a de-facto contract for long-term renting, since the land lord can't unreasonably modify the terms of occupancy or rent price after a lease ends. it's much better then some other rent control systems which aim to actually set rental prices. We should give every tenant the right to a fair long-term rental without fear of their rent exploding.