• We have concern regarding…


• We have concern regarding the removal of the requirement to perimeter fence around existing or new Pits or Quarries and only requiring some kind of demarcation and the possibility of the public unintentionally entering a pit or quarry.
• Site plan amendments would be circulated from the Ministry to the local municipality where the pit is located… We did not notice mention of surrounding neighbouring municipalities. For instance, a pit located right outside of a Town but in an adjacent municipality may not receive notice of amendments which could have significant impacts.
• For site plan applications to expand into the water table, there is no mention to document or report on Source water protection, or on quantity concerns related to municipal drinking water systems. Any surrounding municipalities should be consulted, or notified that have municipal drinking water systems whenever a pit or quarry proposes to enter a water table.
• There is also no mention of consultation in regards to a pit amendment allowing additional water takings to maintain operations (i.e. PTTW). Given how this can significantly impact a municipal drinking water system, surrounding neighbouring municipalities should be consulted.
• With regards to the “Self filing” of site plan amendments with “limited” impacts which would remove consultation for certain things. One thing on the list is entrances and exits which would allow their addition or relocation provided the road authority has approved it. It does not mention neighbouring road authority which may see elevated traffic and transportation being consulted during this process. For instance, when a pit or quarry is located right next to another municipality that could see significant traffic volume increases from heavy trucks depending on the direction travelled.