on notice 019-2531, I much…

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on notice 019-2531, I much welcome community net-metering and like this to be taken a step further, to include virtual net-metering VNM. VNM would be a game-changing enabler, allowing electricity consumers to participate in clean energy generation even if their own property is not suitable for it. It will eliminate site constraints from the ability to participate in clean energy generation.
Please direct all utilities in Ontario to accommodate VNM.
I met on this subject with the CEO of our local utility, Enwin, and was told in a friendly way, "No". The present accounting system is a legacy system, and already challenged by the present net-metering requirements. To accommodate VNM a new and more capable accounting system will be required. Likely this does apply to most/all utilities in Ontario.
BUT, they need to do it anyway at some point in time, and VNM is a big step forward for cleantech.
I suggest to look at brown-field re-development for community or co-op owned solar parks. Larger solar carports for mall parking is another way to add utility to an underutilized site.
Please include VNM in your directive.