The proposed changes are…


The proposed changes are seriously concerning and I am opposed to them. They further weaken the protection for the limited habitat available to endangered species in Ontario. Indeed they effectively put these habitats for sale.. We need to recognize that once a species is extirpated there is NO RETURN. Thus NO PRICE can be placed on a licence to destroy any portion of their limited habitat It is ironic that a party called "conservative" when in power would in fact turn out to be irreversibly "destructive". The world was appalled when Donald Trump Junior bought a license to slay an endangered species for a photo op. But he is just one misguided individual. Far worse when an entire government engages in the same commerce in the name of "development".

I appeal in the strongest terms to reconsider these proposals and instead strengthen, not weaken the protection of Environmentally Sensitive Areas, and the limited scraps of habitat that still remain for endangered species.