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Rachel Thompson
Ministry of Energy, Northern Development and Mines,
Strategic Network and Agency Policy Division
77 Grenville Street, 6th Floor
Toronto, ON
M7A 2C1

April 21, 2021

Ms Thompson;

The Region of Waterloo would like to submit the comments below in response to ERO Posting #019-3007 – Review of Ontario’s long-term energy planning framework, dated January 27, 2021.
Ontario’s long-term energy planning framework must be developed with the understanding and acknowledgment that energy planning and responding to climate change are inextricably linked, and the resulting planning framework must support a Provincial transition to an equitable, prosperous, resilient, low carbon future.

More specifically, as the Province reviews its framework for long-term energy planning, the Province should ensure that:
• The framework will enable the Province to reach or exceed Ontario's 2030 greenhouse gas targets as committed to in Ontario's Environment Plan;
• The resulting plan for Ontario's electricity production will support individuals, businesses, and municipalities in achieving their greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets, including Waterloo Region’s current target of 80% below 2010 levels by 2050;
• Ontario has access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy choices, right now and as demand for electricity increases (i.e. HVAC electrification, EVs);
• Ontario advances emerging energy systems that will enable our communities to be more resilient and competitive in the future, including options to meet local energy needs with local electricity generation using renewable sources and alternative energy storage and distribution solutions;
• Communication and alignment between provincial ministries and agencies and municipalities is enhanced and acknowledges our shared goals of creating the livable, resilient and economically competitive communities Ontarians desire; and
• The framework will facilitate the transition of the provincial electricity grid off of remaining fossil fuels in the coming decades.

Please feel free to contact Kate Hagerman, Manager of Environmental Planning at khagerman@regionofwaterloo.ca or 519-501-8271 if you require any additional information or have any questions.

Rod Regier
Commissioner of Planning, Development and Legislative Services
Region of Waterloo