I believe that these…


I believe that these proposals under emergencies make perfect sense as I have witnessed the struggles through this current pandemic. The only suggestions I think that could be altered in this proposal are:

- If the drinking water authority intends to use staff without the appropriate licensing( even engineers & technologists), they need to be under direct supervision of a licensed operator. At least in communication with one for any process changes. Theoretical experience and knowledge is very different from practical.

- Extend the licenses to one year after the emergency has concluded, or drop the required training requirements proportionally to how long the system was in an emergency. Through my own experience it was very difficult to get training during this pandemic, and even online training is almost not possible to keep up with the operator work loads. We were not able to have them all in the same room for training to minimize getting our whole workforce sick at once. It would also be a lot to ask for the operating authority to get all the required training completed if there is only a year to do so depending on length of emergency.