If you want to make sure you…


If you want to make sure you are ready for the next emergency. If it is a pandemic or whatever the case may be, why wouldn't you implement measures that better support your staff with policies that limit worker contact and allow the operators to continue to do their essential jobs. Water is and always will be essential, how about you make a proposal that better supports the operators that dedicate their lives to providing the public with the highest standard of drinking water.

"Ontario’s drinking water remains among the best protected in the world. Working with our partners and municipalities, we will continue to ensure our drinking water is held to Ontario’s high safety standards, and that the environment continues to be protected."

If this is the standard you want to continue to uphold, then this proposal is taking a BIG step backwards. Have you already forgotten what happened in the Walkerton tragedy along with countless other tragedies around the world. The root cause of these tragedies is solely inadequate trained personnel with no sense of responsibility to the community they serve. NO ONE knows how to operate the water systems better than its own trained water operators . The reason for our licenses is to put responsibility on the trained water treatment operator.

12. (1) No person shall operate a municipal drinking-water system or a regulated non-municipal drinking-water system unless the person holds a valid operator’s certificate issued in accordance with the regulations.