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This increased stringency will, as you are already aware, decrease the amount of renewable energy projects and proposals being brought forward. This - in my opinion - is dangerous. As Canadians, we have committed ourselves to various greenhouse gas goals in the future. These will not be met if we continue to encourage the use of nonrenewable energy, especially as province continues to expand. Innovation is the path forward, not imitation.

Not only does the amendment comment on the excess energy being produced by Ontario as a reason for this change, but it also comments on the negative environmental impacts that renewable energy projects can have on the environment. This is a very interesting comment, and yes, these projects - like any project, including non-renewable energy projects - can impact the environment in a negative way. But this subject has been explored, and it is clear that these projects have LESS of an impact on the environment versus non-renewable projects. For this reason, I do not agree with the wording of this section and do not think that it should be used as a reason to discourage renewable projects.

Thank you.