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To the decision makers (Minister's Office) and the political staffer reviewer's of these EROs,

While i applaud the Government's recent efforts to prioritize building more housing supply, i think more work can be done on thinking about intensification/densification in areas that have already been built up. For instance, why is the government not paving over old deserted malls and building new high density buildings (you could even designate common spaces to replace common spaces lost). Or why is this Government, that loves to toot its large majority government, so afraid of taking on NIMBY's around the GTA? Use its power and intensify these old residential neighbourhoods that continue to block out Millenial and Gen Z homeowners.

Furthermore, it simply does not make sense to continue the slow encroachment on suburban residential development into the greenbelt when there are other avenues to build more housing. For instance, on land already zoned for residential development, why are developers allowed to build 3000-4000 sq ft. single family homes? Or why are there still proposed single family homes with acres of property? When i read these amendments to the Greenbelt, I just imagine that this government will continue to allow those kinds of developments (you can see them on the edges of Newmarket, Kleinburg, East Gwillimbury, Stouffville). If nothing more can be said, i will add that if there have been any lessons learned during the recent food supply shortage (during COVID AND this year of inflation), it is that we need more farming on land that is arable, not to continue reducing that and relying on international sources for our agricultural needs.

This is all in addition to my observation that the government needs take a greater look at demand side policies that are driving housing unaffordability (e.g. domestic speculation, the lack of mandating rental and affordable housing construction).