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Bradam Energies' Carbon Energy Recovery (CER) system produces renewable natural gas from organic feed stocks without combustion or harmful emissions or effluents. The renewable natural gas produced by the CER system is injected directly into existing natural gas pipeline infrastructure, where it is available to anyone or any entity (the public, commercial enterprises, industries) whom are natural gas consumers. This reduces Ontario's reliance on energy (natural gas) imported into the Province.

The renewable natural gas is formed from the carbon and hydrogen in the organic feed stocks, and no fossil-carbon is used. Since there are no fossil-carbon emissions, renewable natural gas is carbon neutral with respect to fossil-carbon dioxide equivalents emitted into the atmosphere.

The CER process produces renewable energy as renewable natural gas, but DOES NOT PRODUCE ELECTRICITY FOR DISTRIBUTION ON THE ELECTRICITY GRID. Historical approvals of projects such as the CER Projects have required municipal approval and appropriate zoning and Bradam recommends this policy continue.

Based on the information provided on the regulation amendment of the Municipal Planning Act, projects to produce Renewable Natural Gas, such as CER Projects, WILL NOT BE AFFECTED. Please confirm that this is correct.


Bob Willes, Ph.D.
Chairman, Advisory Committee
Bradam Energies Inc and Bradam Canada Inc.