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I live in a community where a wind turbine project was proposed about10 years ago. The local Municipality held education meetings for the public on the advantages and disadvantages of hosting a wind turbine project in the community. A plebiscite was held on the issue. A large majority of the citizens voted not in favour of hosting a wind project. This result helped the Municipal Council prepare a business case, identifying that the community was NOT willing to host the project. However, the renewable energy company ignored that and pushed ahead with applying for approval. And the government of the day gave approval, knowing full well the feelings of the community!
In my view, this was a dark day in the history of democracy in out country.
I believe this proposed regulation to return final decision- making, regarding where and if renewable energy projects are placed in a community, to local governments, is the right and only fair process for all involved.
Because of this wind turbine issue, our community has gone through an extremely stressful time over these past 10 years, and many relationships have been permanently damaged.
Thankyou for this opportunity to comment.