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If the province is interested in green energy that is actually green, our municipality would be happy to sit down with you to discuss the possibility of using the landfill methane gas that is currently being flared off of our Waste Management facility Twin Creeks Landfill. Currently a neighbouring greenhouse is utilizing a portion of the gas, however there is still a large amount that is being burned off. This plan was offered to former governments and turned down because they "didn't have a need for new energy projects."
In regards to the restoring municipal planning authority I feel municipalities need to have a say in what infrastructure goes into their areas since we are the ones who live here and need to deal with it going forward.
I believe that the process needs to be changed to require a municipal support resolution, approved by Council, for at least the transition period that will be required to make necessary modifications to zoning by-laws and official plans.
Municipal consultations should be disclosed to the public immediately. Wider changes are required to Regulation 359/09 to provide opportunities for full public input. The communities opinions need to be listened to and respected.
The language around “a different location than the original project” is not sufficiently precise. Project developers typically designate a much larger “project zone” around the projects’ actual footprints. These arbitrary “project zones” should not be used to define an “original project." Pre-existing lease options on properties that do not contain any project infrastructure are speculative and should not be included in the definition, or geographical boundary, of an existing, operational or approved project. Any new provincial guidelines and municipal by-laws should apply to any replacement of turbines or significant project components such as transformers.Complaints regarding the operation of the existing turbines need to be resolved to the satisfaction of residents as required by the REA before any changes to the turbines are approved.Complaints regarding the operation of the existing turbines need to be resolved to the satisfaction of residents, or the municipality, as required by the REA before any change to the ownership of the project is approved. Proposals for a renewal of expired contracts should be subject to all applicable municipal by-laws.