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I just want to congratulate you on the new document pertaining to the GGH, and it's great to see that you are including the entire horseshoe outside of Toronto. You clearly are very serious about housing affordability and for residents to be able to afford GREAT homes, instead of 463 sq foot apartments where they will be having dinner next to their oven. We need to incentive single family home development in all areas of interest because we have exceptional land that we don't use at all in Ontario.

Please see below for my specific ideas:

1) Please incentive development in an around the various airports, INCLUDING Toronto's Pearson airport. Airport road, Derry Road, lay barren and it would be great to see communities built there close to the airport and transit. GO stations should not be as "barren" as they are today with no residential homes or apartments in sight.

2) Open up the land for development across all subway lines within reasonable limits. Surely along the new Ontario line there is plentiful land that can be used along Pape Ave and Gerrard Square as I am in that area frequently. We must revitalize East York and attract new businesses there, it's almost looking like a ghost town along southern parts of Broadview Avenue which is not how I remember it being as a kid.

3) Hold builders accountable to when they say they will build a condominium, they build their structure according to their proposed timeline at preconstruction as reasonable due to weather and other unexpected delays. We should never see condominium developers take in all the deposit money from eager preconstruction buyers, only to cancel the project and people have to jump through many hoops to get their money back eventually. I can only imagine how demoralizing that could be to think about the opportunity cost of having your money locked in to a builder that was never ready to build in the first place. Every builder should be a great developer in Ontario and have their funding secured before promoting a new project all over the place.