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These changes are going to have negative impacts on communities, municipalities, and the environment.
The only individuals it will benefit are developers. Development Charges are being replaced with "community benefits" which have very few details and will likely be significantly less. This will result in municipal tax payers having to pay more for extensive growth, which will put strain on municipal services including police, fire, recreation centres, transit, etc.
Municipal taxes will already go up with changes this government has made. This constant downloading is not "for the people" but the only way this government can make themselves look good.
The changes to the environment protections will endanger species across Ontario, further demonstrating this government's little consideration to climate change and the earth we need to protect.
Finally, the ability to require affordable housing is being taken away, which is exactly against what these changes are supposed to do. The market will not "work itself out". We need government intervention to require affordable units to protect our most vulnerable. The 20mil investment in Hamilton is not enough to fix the issue.
Please stop advertising these changes as good for Ontario. It is clear that they are not.