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I have no problem allowing water takings in jurisdictions where regular tests are conducted to ensure groundwater levels remain static. And I understand recent increases to the charges bottling companies pay for the priviledge. But come on, they should pay A LOT more.

I can't believe the low cost of bottled water. The environmental impact of all those plastic bottles even if 50% is recycled (the rest is put in the garbage) is tremendous.

Ontario needs to find ways to make single use plastic bottles unattractive.

1. Charge A LOT more to botttling companies - 10x more is not unrealistic. They are paying peanuts for huge profits.

2. They have a wide profit margins and frankly employ very few for the priviledge.

3. They can increase cost to buy the product, have fewer customers and still make a profit.

Ontario gets more income.

Again, they don't employ many people anyway.

The environment wins.

And maybe they'll take less water.