The greenbelt proposal…

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The greenbelt proposal appears to encompass Wellington county.
More specifically, Puslinch Township
The proposal would actually come into contact with A Place to Grow being the City of Cambridge at Townline Road which runs north and south from the 401
Townline Road has currently been upgraded to a four lanes arterial road with connections to bypass the City of Cambridge and connect to highway 24 south of Meyer's Road
This arterial road will give Brantford another connection to the 401 with completion within the Waterloo Region 2041 master transportation plan.

As Townline Road is at the perimeter of the proposal, with municipal services already installed, it would be beneficial economically to permit properties on the fringe to be exempt from development.

A transition of land uses would also be better if said changes were not done at major roads, but rather behind any developments on either side of the road.