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Are only private developer lands being considered or can a private landowner/homeowner also request a portion of their own property be removed? The green belt was meant to protect wetlands and large swaths of forest, but I'm sure as you've seen, a large area was called the greenbelt in a blanket move, regardless of what each individual property had on it. For instance, land our family owns was designated entirely greenbelt by the province, even though the city zoning designated a huge section of it agricultural with nothing but open grassland. We are unable to build anything there because its covered by greenbelt regulations. We want to build a 2nd family home on the area designated agricultural, but cant because the city says its greenbelt and they wont split the lot to create more homes within the greenbelt. Personally i dont care if we had to sign something that says it would never be sold. Its not a profit motive, its creating a home for our growing family. And the greenbelt regulations prevent it. Please ensure private landowners have a way to rectify this situation, and not just large developers, which it seems ontario is only helping them, as they are only considering development right at the border. My property is less than 10km from the border of the greenbelt, its wide open land with nothing on it, not near any wetland or protected area. There should be 0 reason i am not allowed to build a house on it.