In my opinion, this repeal…

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In my opinion, this repeal will set Ontario back when it comes to renewable energy. It should not matter if there is a pressing demonstrable need for energy in order to go forward with a project. We as a province and country should be moving to transition all our energy needs to renewable sources. I understand that certain municipalities are reluctant to have wind or solar farms around their residences, but we all must begin to accept these as a new reality if we want to continue to have electricity in a world that is being fundamentally altered by climate change.
There is a massive expanding market around renewable energy, and these projects are often some of the only large job influxes in rural communities. By making it more difficult to get Renewable Energy Approvals, this motion will hinder Ontario's growth in this new industry and make green energy companies more hesitant to bring their business here.
At the end of the day, renewable power must be championed at all levels of government. It is up to our ministers and officials to promote these projects and educate all the residents of our province on the benefits and frankly, absolute necessity of moving towards alternative energy sources.